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What is an ERP screening

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software that controls the core processes in a company like HR, Payroll, finance, manufacturing, etc. It helps to integrate all these different sub-systems in one place in a way that enables the easy flow of data and information from one system to the other.

More and more companies are switching to ERP systems to do away with a lot of monotonous and manual data entry work.

With ERP system in place, tedious manual work can be avoided like for example when a new employee joins the organization, a person record is created for him, based on his salary grade the leaves are automatically credited in the HR system, salary calculations get done in the payroll along with employee and manager profile creation in respective sub-systems.

What is ERP Testing?

ERP testing is a specialized form of manual or automation test done on the ERP software to ensure that it is working as expected.

The reason why ERP testing is so important is that each company had the option to customize the rules in ERP software as per their policies.

This calls in for extensive integration testing to validate that the ERP system is set up in line with the company’s needs.

In most cases, ERP testing can be considered as the testing of any other application software apart from the difference that for better testing the ERP system it is important for the user to understand how and where the data flows and which are the different sub-systems where the data is saved.

This is the most critical aspect of ERP testing. Domain knowledge is very important to get good results.

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